A. Must submit the following:

1. Form 138 for a high school graduate

2. Two pieces 2” x 2” recent colored ID picture

3. Photo copy of the Certificate of Live Birth

4. Recommendation letter from the local church pastor/elder and Kasapulanan president or from the denominational body where the applicant is an active member

5. Transcript of record, certificates of honorable dismissal (for transferees) and of good moral character for a college student applicant

6. Statement of Financial Assistance/Support (from parents, church or individuals)

B. Must pass the entrance examination of the seminary. The entrance examination is given at any given time determined by the Admission, Retention and Evaluation Committee

C. Must take the scheduled Placement Exams given by the University

D. Must show evidence of being called by God to the Christian ministry by writing his/her statement of conversion/personal testimony and call to the           ministry.

E. Must be a baptized member of a church and active in church activities prior to application.