Consolidated Policies of the College of Theology

1. Sexual Immorality

a.) Impregnate/impregnated outside of marriage – 1 year suspension      

b.) Sexual misconduct (homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestites)

                1st Offense – Counseling/strong warning

                2nd Offense – 1 week suspension with work

                3rd Offense – 2 weeks suspension with work

                4th Offense – Suspension or withdrawal from school

c.) “Intimate love” develops between two seminary students during Field Work – change of field work assignment

2. Drunkenness   

                1st Offense – Counseling/strong warning

                2nd Offense – 1 week suspension w/ work

                3rd Offense – 2 weeks suspension w/ work or expulsion from school

3.  Cheating, Dishonesty – (Refer to CPU Rules/Regulation)

                1st Offense – Replacement and 1 week suspension w/ work

                2nd Offense – 2 weeks suspension w/ work or withdrawal

                3rd Offense – 6 months to 1 year suspension

4. Non-attendance of Seminary activities

                1 absence – Excuse Slip submission

                2nd absence – Explanation in writing & Report to the dean

                3rd absence – 1 week suspension w/ work

                4th absence – 6 to 12 months suspension

                5th absence – Withdrawal from the Seminary

5.  University Scholarship/Retention Policy              

                Grade of 2.5 for First Year–first semester

                Grade of 2.5 for First Year–2nd sem. to Fifth Year

6.  Weekend Assignment

                Week-end work area, or assignment, six months renewal policy shall be reported to and approved by the Spiritual Formation Program Coordinator in consultation with the Dean.

7.  Service Loyalty

                A student who works in the church and wants to study part-time related/necessary to his/her church work will be allowed as long as there is certification from the church.

                A student who graduated must serve 6 years (full time) in the CPBC Churches or its institutions, otherwise he/she will pay in cash the total amount/subsequent amount spent by the University for his/her tuition, board and lodging except for those who are dependents and who are paying their dormitory fees and are not eating at the Theology cafeteria.

8.  Students Getting Married

                Students are strongly discouraged from getting married while doing their theological education program. However, should they so decide to get married & inform the office (with consent of their parents), they shall forfeit the following privileges given by the University to students who are members of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches:

                a. Board and Lodging

                b. Scholarship Grant

                c. Grant-in-aid

9. Policies for the Use of Seminary Equipment

1.) The equipment can be requested by any RE and Theology Faculty members for instructional purposes.

2.)  Students can use the said equipment through the recommendation of their group advisers or any faculty member of the College.

3.) Each user is responsible for the safety of the equipment during and after their use. The electrical cord must be unplugged from the source of electrical power after use.

4.) The cabinet must be locked properly before leaving the room.

5.) All requests for the use of the equipment must be approved by the Dean.