BS 223 – Principles of Biblical Interpretation

                A study of the history of interpretation and an appraisal of the various methods, principles, guidelines and application of biblical interpretation. 

HS 322 –

                The course surveys the historical and theological development of the Christian doctrines-early creeds of the church, doctrinal issues in the Roman Catholic and Protestant doctrines since the Reformation and doctrinal issues in ecumenical movement

PPS 314 – Principles & Varieties of Preaching

                A study of the nature of preaching methods of sermons planning and outlining and the development of sermons, both from texts and topics.  Some consideration will be given to principles of voice production and art of oral expression as they relate to the sermon delivery

BS 101 – The world of the Bible

                An introduction to the World of the Bible:  its background involving the geographical and historical overview of the land and its people; and the chronological events in the Biblical account.

PPS 315a – Pastoral Care w/ Population Education

                An introduction to the theological grounding, theories and practices of pastoral care with an emphasis on self-awareness and pastoral counseling.  An exploration of pastoral skills necessary in the contexts of stress, grief and loss, illness, relational conflicts, struggles in gender preferences.

PPS 327 – Evangelism and Church Growth

                The course is designed toward an understanding of the Biblical and theological basis of and connection between evangelization and church growth from a contemporary perspective.  More specifically, the course seeks to study and analyze various evangelization and church growth concepts and strategies which are relevant to contemporary Filipino church.

CEd 211 – Foundation of Christian Education

                This course explores the different disciplines or foundations used to form a holistic and well-grounded Christian education of the church.

CEd 223 – Church Worship & Ministry

                The course seeks to introduce worship, its nature, bases, elements, forms and principles, leading towards planning and leading worship services.