Rationale of the Program

                Recognizing the importance of lay leadership in the enrichment of the church life and believing that the growth of the church ministries rests primarily on the good leadership of the laypersons, the College of Theology of Central Philippine University is offering the Diploma in Christian Ministry (DCM).

                The DCM offers students an opportunity to complete a focused course of study for lay leaders who would like to take a few courses in the seminary to supplement their ministries. 

Purpose of the Program

                The purpose of the program is designed basically to equip the laypersons who have felt the need for depth study of the Scriptures, church doctrines and how to enhance the church’s Christian Education program. There will also be opportunities for the improvement of skills in pastoral counseling, leading Bible studies, evangelism, outreach work, and preaching.

The Goal of the Program                 The goal of the program is to give students opportunity for spiritual growth and equipping for Christian service especially by supporting and assisting local pastors/workers in ministry, both theologically and practically. Hence, this program will provide students an ideal foundation for effective Christian ministry.