Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) Major in Pastoral Counseling and Clinical Pastoral Supervision Effective November 2014

FIRST YEAR                                                      First Semester

Course No.                                           Course Title                                                                         Credit 

DMPC 9001                         Theories of Human Development                                   3

DMPC 9002                         Psychoanalytic Theory Seminar                                                      3

DMPC 9003                         Kleinian Psychoanalytic Theory Seminar                      3  

DMPC 9004                         Practicum in Pastoral Counseling and  

                                                                                Clinical Pastoral Supervision I                                          3

                                                                                                                Total                                          12

                                Second Semester

DMPC 9005                         Supervisory Theory Seminar I                                                          3

DMPC 9006                         Psychodynamic Learning Theory                                    3

DMPC 9007                         Transference and Counter-Transference Theory          3

DMPC 9008                         Practicum in Pastoral Counseling and

                                                                                Clinical Pastoral Supervision II                                        3

                                                                                                                Total                                                     12


DMPC 9009                         Intensive Unit of Clinical Pastoral Education 

                                                                and Training (CPET) Program                                                          6 

SECOND YEAR                                                 First Semester 

DMPC 9010                         Pastoral Theology Seminar                               3

DMPC 9011                         Supervisory Theory Seminar  II                       3

Educ 604                                               Methods of Research                                         3

DMPC 9012                         Practicum in Pastoral Counseling and 

                                                                                Clinical Pastoral Supervision III                       3            

                                Second Semester 

DMPC 9013                         Practicum in Pastoral Counseling and                                                                                                                             Clinical Pastoral Supervision IV                                       3                       

DMPC 9014                         Integration of Theory, Theology, and Praxis 3 


                                                                Comprehensive Exam 

THIRD YEAR                                     First Semester 

DMPC 9015                         Dissertation I (Development and Presentation                                                                                              of Research Proposal)                                                                 6 

                                Second Semester 

DMPC 9016                         Dissertation II (Final Defense)                                          6