A. Proficiency in Communication Skills

                The medium of instruction in the Seminary is English so the students must demonstrate proficiency in English.

B. Grading

                An average grade of 75% (3.0) out of a possible 100% is required to pass any subject.


Transmutation Table for Grading System

Letter Grade               Numerical Equivalent           Percentage Equivalent

                A plus                                                     1.0                                                                          98-100

                A                                                                             1.25                                                                        95-97

                A minus                                                 1.5                                                                          92-94

                B plus                                                     1.75                                                                        89-91

                B                                                                             2.0                                                                          86-88

                B minus                                                 2.25                                                                        83-85

                C plus                                                     2.5                                                                          80-82

                C                                                                             2.75                                                                        77-79

                C minus                                                 3.0                                                                          75-76

                F                                                                              5.0                                                                          below 75

                Inc.                                                              Incomplete  

                D                                                                  Dropped

                L                                                                  Left

Scholastic Honors

Students who have passed all the requirements for graduation and have reached the following honor points shall be granted the following honors:

                                Honors                                                   Honor Point Average

                Summa Cum Laude                                                           1.25 – 1.0

                Magna Cum Laude                                                            1.26 – 1.44

                Cum Laude                                                                          1.45 –1.63

Candidates for graduation with honors must have taken not less than eighteen (18) units for regular students, and fifteen (15) units for working students. Moreover, they should have a residence of at least two years immediately prior to graduation.

C. Retention Policies

                The first academic year is probationary, allowing students to demonstrate their ability and to select the field they wish to pursue.

                 In order to be qualified for retention, students should remain in good standing.

                 A student must maintain an average grade of 2.5 per semester starting 2nd semester of first year (and 2.5 for first year first semester only) and 2.0 for M. Div. for the preceding school term. Failure to fulfill this requirement will mean forfeiture of tuition scholarship for the incoming term.

                 A student with eleven (11) subjects failed (including dropped and left subjects, lapsed incomplete grades, withdrawn without valid reason) shall no longer be admitted.

                A student must not have been found guilty of any immoral act such as sexual immorality, drunkenness, cheating, stealing and other acts which do not conform to the Christian norm of living. He/she is expected to obey other rules and regulations of the University.

D. Other Academic Requirements

1. Incomplete Work

                Late assignments which are submitted after the deadline set by the professors and instructors are penalized with one point deduction per (late) day (excluding weekends) from the final grade. Students who are unable to complete all required assignments in a subject due to extenuating circumstances such as illness and/or accidents will receive an incomplete grade. They have one school year to remove the incomplete grade. Failure to do so during the said period will result to a failing grade (5.0). Students who receive more than two incomplete grades during any term must secure clearance from the Dean in order to enroll in the next term.

2. Failures

                A minimum of 5.0 will be placed on the student’s permanent record for any failed subject. These failing grades cannot be removed from the academic record and they are included in the computation of the student’s grade average.  A student who fails in more than one subject in any semester is required to explain this failure to the Dean. A student is held responsible to pay for every failing grade incurred.

3. Absences and Tardiness

                Students are expected to attend classes regularly and arrive in class prior to the ringing of the second bell that signals the start of classes.  Absences are counted starting with the absence from the first day of classes for the semester/summer. After a student has made three absences, successive or intermittent, such absences will be reported to the Dean. The student shall not be readmitted to classes after the fourth absence unless he/she presents a readmission slip duly signed by the Dean or his/her authorized representative. Students are allowed 11 absences for MWF classes and seven absences for TTH classes. Three tardiness counts incurred by the student shall be counted as one absence.

4. Class Demeanor

                A student must exercise Christian decorum in the classroom. Rude behavior, inappropriate attire, excessive noise and disruptive classroom behavior will result to corresponding disciplinary action. Students are not allowed to get out of the room except for personal necessities. Any electronic communication equipment like cellular phones must be turned off while in class.

5. Honesty in Studies

                The Seminary, being a Christian community dedicated to a spiritual and academic growth, considers cheating and plagiarism to be serious offenses against the covenant which binds the Seminary together.

                All infractions of plagiarism and/or cheating will be registered with the Dean for disciplinary action. The following governs discipline for plagiarism:

  • First Offense: The first time a student is found to cheat or plagiarize, he or she will fail the test, exam or paper upon which he or she cheated;
  • Second Offense: The second time one is found cheating or plagiarizing, in any subject course, he or she will be automatically failed in the course subject.
  • Third Offense: The third time a student is found cheating or plagiarizing in any course subject, he/she will be dismissed from the Seminary.