1. BUNDA, NESTOR D. (Historical Studies, CPE)

          A.B. Math. (Filamer Christian University); B.D. (CPU); D.Theol. (University of Hamburg, Germany)

2. DUREMDES, SHARON ROSE JOY R.  (Christian Education; Coordinator, Spiritual Formation Program)

          B.A. (CPU); M.A. (University of Hawaii); M.R.E. (American Baptist Seminary of the West [ABSW], California, USA); D.Min. [in progress] (CPU)


        B.A. in Philosophy (DWC); M.S.Theol. (DWC, UTS); M.A. in Pastoral Care and Counseling (F.U., N.Y.); Master class in Group Supervision            and Psychotheraphy (N.Y.);  M.Phil. in Ecumenical/Interreligious Studies (UTS, N.Y.) D.Phil in Administration, Supervision,  and Policy                    (F.U., N.Y.)

4. FABULA, NATHANIEL M.  (Biblical Studies)

          A.B. (CPU); B.D. (CPU); M.Theol. (Asian Theological Seminary); D.Theol. (University of Tübingen, Germany)


        B.M.E (WVSU); M.A. (RTS)

6. HUYONG, MAGDALENA CHRISTI LYNI S.  (Coordinator, Music Department & Cultural Affairs Office)

                B.S.C. (CPU); B.S.M. (UP Diliman)

7. NARCISO, JERSON B. (Inter-Religious Studies)

          B.Th. (CPU); M.Div., (CPU); M.Theol. (SEAGST); Ph.D. (Gadjah Mada University Graduate School) Indonesia

8. LAWRENCE, Raymond J., Jr.

          B.A. (Univ. of St. Andrews); M.Div. (Presbyterian Theological Seminary) D.Min. (New York Theology Seminary)

9. RUIZ, LESTER EDWIN J.  (Political Theology)

          A.B. Rel. (CPU); B.A. in Pastoral Care & Counseling (Ottawa University, USA; M.Div. (Princeton Theological University (PTU), USA); Ph.D. (PTU, USA)

10. SOBREMISANA, Maria Theresa E.

          AB Pol. Sci. (UP);  M.Div. (PBTS) Doctor of Psychology (Graduate Theological Foundation and the Institute for Psychodynamic and Pastoral Supervision)

11. SODOY, Calixto

          B.Th.  (CPU); BA (Silliman University); M.Div. (Silliman Univ); M.Th.  (Princeton Theological Seminary); D.Min. (Chicago Theological Seminary)

12.  SIAN, CRIS AMORSOLO V. (Pastoral Counseling)

          B.Th. (CPU); MDiv. (CPU); D.Min. (in progress) ( CPU)