A. Student Discipline

 1. The Discipline Committee deals with cases of unethical behavior on the part of the students in the Seminary.

2. Disciplinary action may result whenever a student is involved in the violation of personal or property rights of others or in immoral or other unethical behavior.

The following conduct is unacceptable in the Seminary community:

                a.) Academic misconduct such as plagiarism or cheating.

                b.) Use or possession of tobacco or cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and prohibited drugs. Any student who indulges in drunkenness will receive a strong warning for the first offense; one week suspension with work for the second offense; and two- week suspension and/or dismissal from the College for the third offense.

                c.) Dishonesty/Cheating/Stealing. Students caught cheating, dishonest and have committed forgery and stealing will be subjected to the following actions: one-week suspension with work for the first offense; second offense will result to two-week suspension or dismissal from the College. A student guilty of stealing shall be required to replace the item/s stolen.

                d.) Homosexual behavior or heterosexual misconduct.

                e.) Neglect of financial obligations.

                f.) Giving of false information or altering records.

                g.) Theft of seminary or personal property.

                h.) Repeated violation of any Seminary regulation.

                i.) Sexual immorality

                                (1.) Impregnation or Pregnancy – 1 year suspension

                                (2.) Sexual misconduct (homosexuality/illicit sexual affair)

                                                First offense – counseling

                                                Second offense – suspension

                                                Third Offense – expulsion

                                (3.) While in fieldwork, a student who develops intimate relationship with the opposite sex shall be transferred to another work area. If he impregnates or she is impregnated, the student will be suspended for a year and shall not be allowed to graduate.

                j.) Wearing of dress/attire that violates the University Dress Code. As part of the requirement of the University, all students are required to wear their college alternative uniform except during free day. ID’s must be worn properly.

The following are not allowed in the classroom or on campus:

For female students:

      (1.) Slippers

      (2.) Walking shorts, “porontong” or tight pedal-pushers

      (3.) Blouses which do not cover the mid-body parts

      (4.) Spaghetti straps, tube, backless blouses and dresses

          (5.) More than two (2) inches above the knee skirts, dresses and uniforms

For male students:

      (1.) Earrings, brow rings, nose rings, lip rings

      (2.) Sleeveless shirts

      (3.) Shorts, “porontong” or tight pedal pushers

      (4.) Slippers

      (5.) Long hair (hair should be above the collar line)

 Sanctions for not observing the dress code:

                                First Offense: Verbal counseling by the Dept. Chairperson/Class adviser

                                Second Offense: Written warning and counseling by the Dean

                                Third Offense:  Suspension

                k.) Non-attendance in Seminary activities without valid reasons

                                1st Absence –  Students are required to submit an excuse slip

                                2nd Absence – Verbal counseling by the class adviser

                                3rd Absence –  Students will report to the Dean

                                4th Absence –  Students will be assigned suspension work

                                5th Absence – Students may be asked to withdraw from the Seminary