Central, my Central, our Alma Mater true;

Our praise we’ll sing to you day after day.

We’ll keep thine honor dear, save thee from every fear,

Thy name we will revere, when far away.

Central, my Central, loved, honored be thy name

And everywhere the same, through north and south.

May thou forever stand, renowned in every land,

Supreme in heart and hand, we love thee best.

  CENTRAL SPIRIT                                          

by Dr. Francis Howard Rose

Hope of coming generations,                               

Gleaming dawn of day;                                             

Fill with lofty venerations                                

All we think and say;                                              

Central Spirit, lead us onward,                             

Loyal make each son,                                               

Till we find our efforts honored                           

With the Master’s words “Well done!”

We’ve a wealth of school day mem’ries          

That makes for manhood in man,                          

And a rich and broad horizon                              

Central students scan;                                              

Here’s a leadership fraternal                               

For Eastern nations to see,                                

For a renaissance supernal                                 

Sweeps our Isles from sea to sea.

                                               RAISE A SONG

 Raise a song for dear old Central

Fair and far renowned;

Let her campus ring with echoes,

Make her halls resound,

Franklin, Weston, Roblee ringing,

Lopez Hall replies

Hark! Upon the distant mountains

How the fading echo dies. 


When we leave thy halls, dear Central

  To waiting tasks we go.

Will schoolday joys our hearts enthrall?

  How much pain will our hearts know?

  But we’ll faithful be in life’s noon or shade,

  Pledge our troth each day anew.

 ‘Gainst the time when memory shall fade,

  Here’s a song that will keep us true.

        These treasures ours who are Central’s,

  Golden chains that bind us, too:

To love of friends who spurn the false

  and would have us to be true-blue

  Open minds, and hearts all ready to share

  A neighbor’s ill or woe

                         For this heritage beyond compare

  Here’s a song for the Gold and Blue.