I, ____________________, a ________ student enrolled in Bachelor of                                             (Name of Student)                                  (Year)
Theology/ Master of Divinity/Master of Ministry/ Master of Theology/Doctor of Ministry *of Central Philippine University, hereby accept with gratitude the College of Theology Scholarship Grant (tuition and board-and-lodging privileges) sponsored by the University.

                I agree to abide by the conditions set by the College of Theology Scholarship Grant which specify that:

1.) I shall obtain passing grades and not to incur any failing or dropped marks every semester as much as possible.

2.) I shall pay the tuition due for any failing or dropped or lapsed incomplete marks I may incur.

3.) I shall carry the full load each semester according to the curriculum of the course I am enrolled in.

4.) I shall conduct myself in and out of the campus in accordance with the University and College’s policies and regulations.

5.) I shall forfeit the scholarship on the following grounds:

                a.) Non-compliance with the above-mentioned terms;

          b.) Dropping of any subject without justifiable reason that would result in under loading, or going on a leave of absence without seeking prior approval from the College of Theology; and,

                c.) Shifting to another course.

6.) I shall serve in the CPBC churches or CPBC related institutions after my graduation for a minimum period of six (6) years                                   before I could engage in any job not related to Theology.

In the event that I fail to finish my program or shift to any course or do not serve at least six years in the CPBC churches or its related institutions, I will pay in cash the total amount spent by the University for my tuition, board and lodging.


Name & Signature of the Student


Name & Signature of the University Scholarship Director


Name & Signature of the Dean