Funds are available for the College of Theology incoming students upon acceptance by the Admission Committee of the College through the CPU General Fund and College of Theology Endowment and Outright Funds Interest except for the Theology Endowments/ Funds with specific guidelines and polices. Hence, a tuition and dormitory subsidy is hereby granted by the University to the First Year student of the College.

Criteria for Eligibility

                The student is a member of a CPBC local church. (All CPBC pastors’ kids* are entitled to a free tuition scholarship upon the recommendation of the General Secretary of CPBC. However, 50% of the dormitory fees and the miscellaneous fees are shouldered by the student himself/herself.)

Coverage of Scholarship

                50% free tuition and 50% dormitory privilege from the University

Selection Procedure

  • Only a CPBC student who is recommended for enrolment by a member church of the CPBC is given this privilege.
  • A student is officially accepted by the Admission Committee of the College of Theology.  The Dean recommends qualified students through channels to the President of the University for the approval of the 50% free tuition and 50% dormitory privilege.*
  • In case a student is a transferee (from other department/college), he or she needs to pay all his/her old accounts to the Business Office before he or she can avail of the said privilege grant.

 Conditions for Maintaining the Scholarship

  1. Must maintain an average grade of 2.5 for the first semester and 2.25 for the second semester. Failure to fulfill this requirement will mean forfeiture of tuition scholarship for the next semester. 
  2. Shall carry the full load each semester according to the curriculum of the course he/she is enrolled in. 
  3. Shall pay the tuition due for any failing or dropped left or lapsed incomplete marks he or she may incur in the coming semesters. 
  4. Shall conduct himself/herself in and out of the campus in accordance with the University and College’s policies and regulations (refer to the Gold and Blue Student Handbook and the CT Student Handbook).
  5. Shall forfeit the scholarship on the following grounds:
  6. Non-compliance with the above-mentioned terms;
  7. Dropping of any subject without justifiable reason that would result in underloading, or going on a leave of absence without seeking prior approval from the  College of Theology; and,
  8. Shifting to another course.