CPBC Scholarship. Funds are available through scholarship grants and subsidy offered by CPU. Only CPBC students who are recommended for enrolment by a member church of the CPBC are given this privilege.

                Every “incomplete” subject incurred in the preceding years will be charged a deduction in tuition scholarship equivalent to the tuition fee of the total number of units of the incomplete (INC.) subject.

                All CPBC pastors’ kids are entitled to a free tuition scholarship upon the recommendation of the General Secretary of the CPBC.

                Dormitory Scholarship.  Dormitory subsidy is given to College of Theology students who reside in campus dormitories. Student residents are expected to pay a counterpart for their lodging equivalent to 50% of the monthly lodging fee. This privilege is given only to Baptist (CPBC) students who are staying at Franklin Hall and Johnson Halls. Students who stay outside campus are to pay for their own housing.

                Other Subsidies. There are a number of work student positions which can be availed of, such as assistantship in the library and the Dean’s Office and janitorial services. An average of two hours of work daily is allowed. The honorarium derived from this work can be used to pay for the standing accounts of the students. Money earned, after all standing accounts have been paid, can be withdrawn in cash by the work students.